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wetland habitat

At Dirt Famer & Company, our wetland management team provides care for the habitats of marshland and their soils, vegetation and wildlife. Our managing partner has a formal education from UC Davis and all projects are undertaken in conjunction with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and other public agencies and corporations as appropriate.

Our mission is to sustain agricultural productivity and maintain continued economic development, recreation and scenic beauty by helping to reduce soil erosion, enhance water quality, increase wildlife habitat and reduce damages caused by floods and other natural disasters.

Case in point: Viansa Winery Wetlands

We’re extremely proud of our efforts at the Viansa Winery Wetlands. This 90-acre parcel located on State Highway 116, east of the winery and adjacent to Sonoma Creek, was subject to heavy seasonal flooding. Working closely with biologists, design engineers and the California Department of Fish and Game, we constructed a nearly permanent, variable-depth wetland habitat that’s now thriving with a rich and vibrant diversity of plant and animal species. These wetlands have been recognized for their significance by numerous wildlife organizations worldwide.