Instead of using chemical fertilizers or unsustainable soil amendments, reach for diVine Compost. This is the same “secret ingredient” we’ve been making for years and using to produce exceptional grapes for Sonoma Valley’s premium wineries.

In 2007, we began a recycling program. We collect the pomace of 10,000 tons of harvested grapes and mix in 1,000 tons of horse manure and shavings. After numerous mixes, temperature graphing and six months of “cooking,” we have approximately 4,500 tons of beautiful soil. This compost is our vineyard and landscape supplement “secret ingredient”.

At Dirt Farmer, we’ve decided to literally spread the wealth.

Why? We’d like to reduce agriculture’s dependency on synthetic fertilizers, reuse winery and equestrian waste and recycle old farm equipment — while helping friends and neighbors realize abundant, high-quality fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers and plants, or even just a really nice lawn.

So what’s our recipe?

We combine four parts grape pomace (seeds, skins and stems) from premium Sonoma and Napa Valley wine grapes with one part horse manure from elite equestrian facilities. Then we aerate and monitor the compost as it naturally “cooks” and in a year’s time, it’s diVine. It’s Mother Nature at her best. Don’t be concerned about the visible grape seeds — they won’t sprout. The “cooking” process solves that problem. Just think of them as micro nutrient time bombs that will slowly break down while aerating your soil.

Like someone once said,
"man's existence relies upon 3" of
topsoil and the fact that it rains."
Let diVine Compost enrich
your topsoil naturally.